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Who I Am

My name is Antonin, I am 28 years old and I have been working for 5 years now as a Sports Coach and Swim trainer/LifeGuarding. 

Since then, I have had the opportunity to broaden my skills towards sports recovery and in particular sports massage, by training in Deep Tissue massage, Swedish so-called "sporty" relaxing massage and relaxing massage. 

antonin guillaume
antonin guillaume
antonin guillaume
antonin guillaume
ag personal trainer
ag personal trainer

To learn a little more about me...

Triple graduate of the CREPS of Poitiers and also having a university course, I come out strong from 4 years of study.

First Master Swimmer Lifeguard, then Sports Coach on a private basis as well as in group lessons.

I had the opportunity to work during my first collaborations, in various sports and fitness rooms, in particular with the Marie de Courchevel sports club. 

Then during the Covid period, we all had to re-invent ourselves at our level, which is why I contributed to the national effort as a laboratory assistant and PCR test taker. 

At the same time, I had the honor of joining the teams of hosts and hostesses of the most famous French tennis tournament, Roland Garros.

And of course, all this while keeping in shape! And doing remote coaching.

With these versatile and enriching experiences, I refocused on the heart of my job and I had the opportunity to join the teams of the prestigious hotel and Palace,White Horse Courchevel.

Finally, I have been working in the Saint Tropez golf course for 3 years now in the Resorts ofthe Golden Fleece and Kon Tiki, ideally located, with direct access to the beach of Pampelonne. 

I work with all types of profiles, from seasoned athletes to beginners wishing to get active, through children and adolescents wishing to develop their motor skills, always in joy, games and the desire to evolve.

For you, 

Each person is unique, you are unique, with your own goals and lifestyle. I will create a training program according to your physical condition and your needs in order to achieve the best possible results in an effective and lasting way.


Let's take care of you, together!

They Trust Me

I've worked with prestigious institutions like the White Horse Courchevel and Saint Tropez golf course.

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